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How to Choose Toner for Your Printer

Check your printer (and toner) brand

This will be written on the front of your printer in big letters and numbers. For example: Brother MFC 8500 or HP LaserJet 2300d. For more information on printer models and types, click here.

Check your printer type

Do you own a laser printer or an inkjet? Laser printers need toner cartridges, while inkjet printers use ink cartridges.

Find the right toner model for your printer

To find the right toner for your printer simply enter your printer brand and model number in the search box above!

Laser Toner custom search engine makes finding the right printer cartridge simple. Type your printer model, brand, or series into the finder window and a list of compatible toner cartridges will be displayed.

Consider high-yield for additional value

Ink and toner cartridges usually come in standard and high-yield varieties. High-yield costs a bit more but prints more pages and lowers your overall cost per page.


Laser Toner only sells genuine, OEM toner at shockingly low prices. That means you’re getting the best product for your printer at the most competitive prices. Plus, Toner Buzz offers FREE SHIPPING! You pay $0!

Whether you’re looking for an OEM ink or toner, Laser Toner makes the buying process simple. We have genuine supplies for all major laser and inkjet printer manufacturers.


Laser Toner wants you to be happy with your toner cartridge or any other item you purchase from us. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee. (The warranty is limited on ink cartridges since they have a shorter shelf life.) Toner and laser printers are our bread and butter, and your printer is our best friend!

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